Story of Kratu and Tess

Story of Kratu and Tess

March 3, 2019 Uncategorized 0

I am constantly amazed at the journey with my dog Kratu. 5 years ago he came into my life rescued from terrible circumstances and facing a life of starvation and violence.. luckily he was taken a few weeks to safety and into foster with a friend. I started training him via WhatsApp watching videos daily and telling my friend what to do with him. He also had messages and songs from me. When he arrived at 4 months he knew my voice. we had an instant bond

I started researching his breeds that he is crossed with. Mioritic and Carpathian. It has taken me back to Transylvania where I found his mother with another litter, every season another litter.. I rescued her and two more puppies. Raffy lives with me. He still suffers with fear issues at times.

I had 3 large teenager dogs at home and it was very difficult. I needed to know more to make changes and I found the behavioural team at Wood Green where we started training and my dogs became happy well adjusted family members at home and out and about too.

Kratu started to show a natural love for training. He became the first dog in UK to pass his do as I do exam. He went on to get his Kennel Club bronze, silver and gold. He has been on TV, has modelled and has won a lot in companion and fun dogs shows.

He went to Crufts last year with the Wood Green team and did the most incredible free style performance in the rescue dog agility display. He went viral overnight. Well over 11million views now from around the world .. being the natural clown Kratu is and doing what he loves the most.. entertaining, being happy and dancing to his own rhythm.

On a more serious note. I knew many Romanian shepherd crosses were coming here and going back into rescue and some PTS as a result of guarding and sometimes biting. Which was the motivation for what we did next.

Kratu is my assistance dog as I am autistic. Having his support is life changing for me. We flew together back to Romania on a special mission to help raise awareness about rescue dogs and kind reward based training. What you can achieve with both and kratu is an incredible ambassador. We attended a lecture at Babes-Bolyai University for animal psychology students. We were invited by Alina Rusu Associate Professor, PhD (Faculty of Psychology and Sciences of Education) we were filmed by two TV news channels and written about in the paper. People were very surprised to see a dog such as Kratu known for guarding, so well trained, kind, loving, and with so many achievements. He is also a therapy dog. He just loves people and interacting with them. We have met people there who are using dogs for therapy work and we hope to help them further. Slowly changes are being made and perceptions too. There are people who are rescuing dogs and are training them for therapy work also.  We met someone who works with the Carpathian shepherds, or LGD livestock guard dogs Ray Dorgelo who came over to Wood green and did a special talk about them to the staff there so more could be understood about them, helping then get homes and stay in them. I hope I can help more people involved in rescue understand these dogs. They are not easy. They are challenging. Many will guard. Its been my special topic of research for 5 years now.

Kratu recently attended a special film screening in Brussels At the European Parliament. A  documentary “A Dog’s Life – The Homeless Dogs of Romania” by Maria Slough.  I hope this has reached the right people at the right level and again changes must be made. That was an incredible moment walking up the stairs of that building.

He has just been to Westminster for an event in Parliament by All-party Parliamentary Dog Advisory Welfare Group.  Going to places with him is all about raising awareness, and overcoming personal limits and obstacles. Facing and overcoming fears.

We have come such a long way during the 5 years since he was rescued.  Its  certainly been an interesting and amazing 5 years with Kratu.  He is a wonderful teacher and has taught me so many things. We have a very deep bond and soul connection. The best thing I ever did was rescue him. What an incredible journey.

Kratu is an Ambassadog for Iapwa.

He is fully qualified with CGI Canine Generated Independence.

Kratu is proudly sponsored by Natural Instinct.

Kratu is an Ambassador for Photizo light therapy.

We are always indebted to Wood Green Animals Charity for the support they gave us when we needed it the most.