A Word From Our Social Inclusion Team (S.I.T)

New Ribbon? What’s this?

We are changing the narrative of Mental Health. Did you know originally the green ribbon used to represent Mental Health Awareness was used to identify people who were in Asylums or marked for Asylums?

For those of us who are Neurodivergent some of us within the community did not feel comfortable with this. We understand the attempt at changing the narrative but due to the nature or Asylums and the terrible and inhumane treatment of people we don’t feel we can change the narrative.

This is why we want to take the colour in a new direction and instead of stepping on the toes of the current ribbon. Our ribbon is for Neurodivergent awareness as this covers more than just mental health.

We chose these colours as so many awareness ribbons are out there for so many different wonderful causes and we wanted to ensure the ribbon was all inclusive for everyone under more than just the Neurodivergent umbrella.

Please support us with our Neurodivergent Equality for all Awareness Ribbon