Working Together To promote the highest ethical professional standards.

INTODogs is an organisation for professionals and students who use only science-based, force-free methods in their work with dogs. Our professional (full) members are assessed to ensure that they have the highest standards of knowledge and ethical practice. All of our behaviourists work on vet referrals and welcome the chance to work collaboratively with vet colleagues, including case management when required. All our trainers have a huge skill set on which to draw to ensure that both dog and handler are able to learn in a fun and engaging way.

You can be assured that your clients will receive the highest professional courtesy and service from one of our INTODogs Certified Canine Behaviourists. INTODogs is a member organisation of ICAN, the International Companion Animal Network – and as such our members also have the additional accreditation of Certified Animal Behaviourist .

We have a dedicated vet initiative with includes free handouts which can be branded for your practice, certificated CPD that can be given in your practice, a safe handling and husbandry programme given free to practices that sign up, and much more.

Should you wish to learn more about the advantages of working with an INTOdogs professional please contact us at