Working Together To promote the highest ethical professional standards.

Created by dog behaviourist Linda Michaels M.A., The Hierarchy of Dog Needs® is, in Linda’s words, “… a unique adaptation of Maslow’s Hierarchy of (human) Needs™. The Hierarchy of Dog Needs has been adapted to meet our dogs’ needs: We must meet our dogs’ biological needs, emotional needs and social needs first.

Once we feel assured that these foundational needs have been met, the hierarchy describes the methods that force-free trainers use to modify behavior: management, antecedent modification, positive and differential reinforcement, counter-conditioning and desensitization. The No Shock, No Prong, No Choke logo proudly precludes the use of these devices for force-free trainers.”

The Hierarchy of Dog Needs® is endorsed and recommended by veterinarians, scientists and behaviour and training professionals from all around the world, and provides a practical framework for force-free, fear free behaviour and training work.

The Association of INTODogs is proud to share the HND, with Linda’s permission.