Certificate of Recognition – Kate Mallatratt

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Kate Mallatratt

Our first product award to Kate Mallatratt and her team at Pickpocket fabric food foragers. This product is amazing on so many levels regarding canine welfare and wellbeing. Suitable for all ages and all disabilities. Well thought out and above and beyond when it comes to canine enrichment. Well done Kate- we love this range. Pickpocket fabric food foragers offer fully washable/tumble dryable fleece feeders in which dogs hunt for treats inside pockets. They are simple to use, easy to launder and bring all the benefits of foraging into your dog’s home. PickPockets were the brainchild of dog owner and sewing hobbyist Sue Hanslow and canine behaviourist Kate Mallatrat. Kate approached Sue when she wanted to combine scent work with a fully washable feeding mat to help her clients manage their dogs. As a behaviourist, Kate saw first-hand the benefits of canine enrichment and in particular how foraging could lessen behaviour problems and boost the wellbeing of her four-legged clients. Kate saw a gap in the market for a durable and easily laundered product that provided gentle enrichment and puzzle solving through foraging. Sue came up with the pocket idea, making the first prototype, and PickPocket Fabric Food Foragers was born in 2016. https://pickpocketforagers.com/