Full Trainer Member

Full Trainer Member

May 5, 2019 0


This is an initial administration fee. Should your application be successful you will be asked to pay the yearly £120 (pro rata) to attain the full membership



This is for applicants who are working professionally as trainers but not as behaviourists.

The requirements for trainer membership are:

  • Evidence of an accredited qualification from an organisation that teaches force-free methods.
  • You agree to accept and adhere to our Code of Practice.
  • You have been working professionally with dogs for at least 3 years.
  • Two references, one professional and one client
  • You have proof of insurance.

After purchasing, the application form can be downloaded from the order received page or from your email notification. On acceptance, you will receive the INTODogs Certified Dog Trainer logo and gain the additional title of INTODogs Certified Dog Trainer. As a member of both ICAN and the Charter group we can also offer you the title Certified Animal Trainer (ICAN), and Charter symbol for your site.