Working Together To promote the highest ethical professional standards.

INTODogs are a members-only organisation for Dog Trainers, Behaviourists and other dog professionals, promoting positive, kind methods in order to enhance the quality of life for owners and dogs. We seek to promote the highest standards of professional conduct.

Membership offers exchange of ideas, support and advice but not for the promotion of any one method to the exclusion of all else (so long as it is in accordance with the gentle ethic of INTODogs). Our members have high ethical standards with the welfare of the dog central to the work and keep abreast continually with new regulations and teachings.

How we began

Trying to find the best methods and people to help you and your dog is a minefield. INTODogs was formed as a non profit-making Association for Dog Trainers/Behaviourists who believe that communication and understanding with our dogs is paramount to healthy and happy lives for us all.

Our guarantee

Through experience we have found that different forms of training using gentle motivational methods and complimentary therapies can also help us to build up a responsive and mutually respectful relationship with our dogs. When teaching people how to interact, train and help their dogs live in our world, the methods used will all be kind and gentle .Your dog will never be forced into a situation he/she is not ready to handle and will never be subjected to shock collars or any other harsh training techniques by anyone you find on our list of members.

Our pledge

We will continue to educate ourselves and our members to achieve the highest standards of knowledge, so that we are able to pass this on to our clients. We will always put the needs of the dog squarely at the centre of everything we do. We will always support the needs of the dogs care givers. Veterinary personnel know that all INTODogs members are happy to work closely with the referring practice, giving them the confidence they require to recommend our members to offer help to their clients.

The INTODogs Committee

Trustee MembersTheo Stewart (Treasurer), Dale McLelland, Lisa Hird.

Committee Members – Denise O’Moore (Chair), Lisa Hird (Education Development Officer), Freya Locke (Membership Secretary), Tony Richens-Smith (Web Development Officer), Susie O’Dea (Communications Officer).    

“INTODogs is an excellent organisation to be involved with. All of the members are dedicated to using only positive, compassionate methods in their work with dogs, and are always up to date on the results of the latest scientific and practical research. INTODogs trainers and behaviourists have a reputation for carefully assessing which methods will be most helpful to each individual owner and dog, and to providing support for as long as it is needed. The Facebook group gives us the opportunity to share our understanding, to discuss specific issues, and to keep each other updated on any new information as it becomes available.” Lisa Tenzin-Dolma, Patron of INTORescue and Previous Chair of INTOdogs

INTODogs is proud to be a founding member organisation of the UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter. Signatories to the Charter have agreed on a set of minimum standards of animal welfare, professional conduct, and ensure that practitioners only use the most up to date and humane methodologies and tools. Full, accredited Behaviour & Trainer members of INTODogs are entitled to use the Charter Symbol. More information can be found on the https://ukdogcharter.org/