To promote the highest ethical professional standards.

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We seek to promote the highest professional standards.



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INTODogs is pleased to announce the formation of our sister organisation, INTORescue.

Created to provide support for those who work in (and with) Rescue Organisations. Head over to INTORescue to find out more

What we believe

We believe in a dog centred care approach, promoting positive, kind methods in order to enhance the quality of life for dogs and their carers

We seek to promote the highest standards of professional conduct.

About INTODogs

Compassionate methods

Our members conform to high ethical standards, with compassion and the welfare of the dog central to their work.

Modern methods

We continually keep up to date with new regulations and modern science to ensure our methods are as effective as possible.

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What Our Clients Say

“I’ve been a member of INTODogs now for a few years and I cannot thank them enough for the invaluable support they have given me in that time, being self-employed can be at times tough, however being a member of this group means I have people to turn to, to ask questions and sound ideas out. The benefit of this group is the many different capacities of the members which gives a broad spectrum of knowledge to share”


“For a while we had been searching for someone we could trust who could help us with our Springer, Jake, having already wasted time and money on so-called help that actually made his situation even worse. How glad we are that we discovered the intodogs site to find ourselves a behaviourist. We were promptly put in touch with Theo ‘The Dog Lady’ who covers our area. Because she is a member of INTODogs we felt confident right from the start that she would be genuine and competent, and the support we have had since her visit has been second to none.”

Bridget and Adrian

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Our Awesome Team

Andrew Hale


Andrew has a human psychology background. He is a team member at the ISCP. He gives a lot of his time to working in and with rescue. He has a sensitive collie and mad hatter Labrador. He is passionate about promoting a humane, sensitive approach to the care and training of all animals.

Theo Stewart


Theo is a Dog Behaviourist, Dogaholic. Working with dogs and their humans in their own environment for thirteen years. Blogger of real-life case stories – ‘do no harm’ force-free and jargon-free write-ups for dog owners looking for help. Dog Behaviour phone-in expert for BBC 3 Counties Radio.

Dale McLelland


Dale is the owner and principal at Being Canine in Ayrshire, Scotland. An ICAN Accredited Animal Behaviourist , INTODogs Certified Canine Behaviourist and Certified Dog Trainer. She has lived with a variety of Rottweilers over the past 20 years and now shares her home with two Old English Sheepdogs named Hattie and Eric.

Denise O’Moore


Denise is a certified canine behaviourist with INTODogs and ICAN, professional member of Pet Professional Guild and affiliate of ISCP. She has over 10 years experience working with pet and assistance dogs in Ireland and currently runs Puppy Power – Dog training and behaviour, and Mighty Dog Graphics.

Lisa Hird

Vice Chair

Lisa is the Head Behaviourist and canine tutor with Animal Jobs Direct/Canine Behaviour College, overseeing their canine department. Lisa runs Dog Behaviour Clinic in Lincolnshire working closely with her Vets and is the behaviourist for ABC Dog, a reading to dogs in School initiative, also run by her vets. She also works with RSCPA East Lincs supporting their rescue dogs.

Freya Locke

Membership Secretary

Freya is a Canine Behaviour Practitioner, She also runs The Dog Welfare Alliance and is proud graduate of the ISCP Advanced Diploma in Canine Psychology & Behaviour, and is fully accredited with INTODogs and ICAN, Freya is also a proud mum of two, one of whom has Autism, Dyspraxia and Tourettes Syndrome.

Tony Richens-Smith

Web Development Officer

Tony's background is in IT but his real passion has always been dogs. He holds an Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour and is an accredited Canine Behaviourist with INTODogs and ICAN. He offers behaviour support through his company Think Dog Positive in Lancashire. He also works with various animal charities providing assessments, home adoption visits and behaviour support. As well as his human family, Tony lives with a Lurcher and a Rescue Greyhound.

Susie O'Dea

Communications Officer

Susie is a Behaviourist and Trainer, holding a Diploma in Canine Psychology and Behaviour with the ISCP and full trainer status with the IMDT. She is also fully accredited with INTODogs and ICAN. Originally from Australia, Susie now lives in Norfolk with her husband Dec, rescue Rommie Cush and FatBoy George the cat. .

Latest Blogs and News


INTODogs are pleased to announce our sister organisation INTORescue is now OPEN. INTORescue has been created to provide animal rescue workers and supporters a supportive community, with compassion at its heart. Read more
October 22, 20190

Story of Kratu and Tess

I am constantly amazed at the journey with my dog Kratu. 5 years ago he came into my life rescued from terrible circumstances and facing a life of starvation and violence.. luckily he was taken a few weeks to safety and into foster with a friend. I started training him via WhatsApp watching videos daily and telling my friend what to do with him. He also had messages and songs from me. When he arrived at 4 months he knew my voice. we had an instant bond Read more
March 3, 20190

Children with autism and their dogs

For a child with autism, the world can sometimes be a scary and complex place. Sensitivity to sounds and lights can make it incredibly hard to navigate the environment and lead to sensory overload, or they may feel required to communicate with others in ways they do not feel comfortable doing so, and daily tasks can become difficult to complete. However, with their pet dog by their side, all these things can become a bit easier. Read more
March 3, 20190

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